Cheese Wedding Cakes

By The Cheeseboard Of Harrogate


A cheese wedding cake can make a real splash with the wine or beer at the reception. This is because they are great for couples who would love to include a personal and unique touch on their wedding day, but don’t wish to dispense completely with tradition. When dressed with fresh flowers or whatever your heart desires, well, you’ll have a fabulous centre-piece with a difference for your special day.


Why choose The Cheeseboard Of Harrogate for my Cheese Wedding Cake?

We have been artisan cheesemongers for over thirty years, and creating beautiful cheese wedding cakes for more than twenty. We love our cheese and we know you will love our cheese too. We know what tastes fabulous and how to make it look stunning.

And we believe cheese deserves to be the centre of attention too.

How do I choose which cake? Can I taste the cheeses?

We have created a range of perfectly balanced cakes on our website to choose from, or you can create your own. We have been told by some of our couples that the most fun part of planning their wedding was choosing cheeses to build their cake! Together, along with an expert cheesemonger, you can taste and select which cheeses will feature in our Harrogate Shop on Commercial Street.

You may have a cheese in mind, or want to include firm favourites, such as a superb Harrogate Blue, a rich and creamy Stilton, or a powerful Brie de Meaux. Or if you’re cheese connoisseurs, you could opt for more adventurous choices to create something that represents you both.

Just a thought: Cheese cakes aren’t just for weddings!

Don’t save our wonderful celebration cakes for just one day in your life. Cheese cakes are perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, or any occasion where you’d like to treat someone, or yourself.

If you have a special request or would just like some advice, please email or phone us on 01423 508837.

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